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1. Why is the Block Build so hard?

In fact, the mechanism of action and Evasion is exactly the same. There is a certain chance to be protected from attack damage and also drop dropped certain Poe currencyitems. The effect of dodge itself is even better than that of the block – because the dodge attack does not cause Stun and the blocked attack will bring Block Stun. Then why does everyone think that the role of the block is harder and the role of the dodge is soft? This starts with numerical design.

The source of the block in the game is the block rate, which is completely static and does not change with any scene changes. If I have a 40% block rate on my gear and 30% talent, then I will face a 70% block on any map. The source of dodge in the game is the dodge value, which can be piled up very high, but due to some special calculation formulas, the dodge value is difficult to bring a reliable dodge rate in advanced maps. Let’s take the 74-level butcher boss of the 72-level map. If the player has a 17929 dodge value, then he has a 50% chance to dodge the butcher attack. If the player has 23039 dodge value, then he has a 55% chance to dodge the butcher attack; if the player wants Achieving a 60% dodge rate, the dodge value is required to reach an astonishing…

Previous :

"Bomberman bombing D brother": The auxiliary weapon bar doubles the anemia sword (or 4 holds, there is a bug at the time, the cut weapon bar can also take effect), and then Death casts a ring of fire to touch the porcelain god.

At the same time, "low blood call", "element bow" and "low blood element spirit cast" (then multiple projectiles were hit at the time).

"Thunder hammer" + "liberation", the former anemia witch Thunder Hammer, to the thunder hammer at the peak of the Warriors Thunder Hammer (double block the Warriors Thunder hammer stood by the boss and then the boss died), GGG all the way.

Various coc: simultaneous triggering No CD.

Poisonous rain traps (the powerful algorithm of the old poisoning, as well as a series of masters set a chaotic point of injury toxic bd).

Rescuing the blood by the mob + the various spells bd (BV) of the old VP seconds. 

The spotlight ignites the ring of fire (there was no limit to the amount of spotlight at the time, and the elemental damage of the horror was added, in conjunction with the ignition algorithm at the time).

N curse superimposed bd (this person used less): the previous "busty joy" upper limit 1 did not work, directly inserted 10, then totem clothing 10 curse = 2000% damage increased

The ice wall burst (to the current ice wall ice hammer). Ice hammer is worth 2 Exalted Orb.

Each BV, there are many kinds…

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