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Odra - Dunaj


Spe Sal­vi fac­ti su­mus. (łac.)
In ho­pe we we­re sa­ved. (ang.)

Ce­sarz nie stoi wyżej od gramatyków.
Caesar non sup­ra gram­ma­ticos. (łac.)


what is a highbrow? He is a man who has found something more interesting than women -

truth is always paradoxica l

truth crushed to earth will rise again

to fall in love with a woman is to fall in love with life and with oneself -

the test of good manners is being able to put up with bad ones -


This is exactly why these agreements are only temporary pending full agreement.2017 year my revolutionibus

all your family and friends keep you company.
May this new year bless you with fifty two weeks and twelve months of happiness and never ending joy – Niech ten nowy rok pobłogosławi Cię 52 tygodniami i 12 miesiącami szczęścia i niekończącej się radości



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